Neurodiagnostic Technology (NDT)

DeVry University routinely reviews all degree programs and curriculum options to ensure that we continue to provide students with the best possible preparation for their chosen fields. We partner with leaders in industry and potential employers so that your degree program prepares you to compete for job prospects in your field.

In response to input from DeVry students, employers, industry leaders, and our program advisory boards, the Neurodiagnostic Technology Program will be discontinued starting in the March 2016 session.

How this change affects current students:

You will be permitted to continue taking the current sequence of courses to complete your NDT program, and those courses will remain available through the November Session of 2018.

Please note: We are confident that your current coursework will afford you the preparation you need for a successful career. Also keep in mind that the last time we'll confer this degree is the November 2018 session.

If you have any additional questions, please discuss them with your academic advisor, Student Success Coach, or program dean.

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