Developmental Studies

As a participant in Developmental Studies, you will be part of a stimulating and challenging program.  Developmental course work can bring you to a level of performance that considerably increases your chance for success at both DeVry and your chosen career.  Many of the students who have gone through our program have become class leaders and outstanding students; in fact, several former developmental students have graduated as class valedictorians. 

The prerequisite developmental class(es) will prepare you for further college level courses in your curriculum. In most cases, you will be taking some standard college courses in addition to your developmental course(s). 

Program Highlights: 

  • Course work concentrates on those skills requiring reinforcement.
  • Dedicated, professional teachers facilitate life-long learning.
  • Specialized studies promote an attitude of self-confidence.
  • Courses include computer-assisted instruction to individualize skills development.
  • Lessons incorporate technical textbook chapters and real life application.
  • Improved critical thinking, problem solving, and language skills provide a foundation for achievement at DeVry and in the business world.
  • Tutoring support is available through the Academic Support Center. 

Developmental courses earn institutional credit and are not considered in the cumulative grade point average or as credit earned toward a degree. They do count toward financial aid and may extend your stay at DeVry by one semester.  A grade of B or C or better (depending upon the course) must be earned to show proficiency in the required basic skills.

Important:  According to Academic Policy, if a student withdraws or receives a failing grade in any developmental course, the student will be placed on probation. A student who withdraws for a second time or receives a failing grade on a second attempt of a developmental course will be dismissed. The student may petition for reinstatement with proof of mitigating circumstances or go through the Academic Appeals process as indicated in that section of Academic Policy.

Please contact Academics, Room 2031 (732-729-3800) if you have any questions.

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